I am getting to sense the big contradiction - and I call it “Double Duality”. To fit this into a conceptual format, I have to
reformulate adapted bodies in terms of meaning, ideas, memories and images.

When I equate myself with consciousness, I am immediately represented by the consciousness of four functional types
sensation, thought, feeling and intuition. This in itself means an individuals orientation and experience in the unknown life.

Ideas, thoughts, and materials are supposed to aspire my senses to their existence. My thoughts may focus and wander through
these select entities and making different stories. My feelings may or may not agree with my intellectual findings. If my intellect
functions well, at most, it will move towards a greater conceptualization of its perceptions. Therefore becoming free to deal with
the intuitive mystery. It is the main door to the unknown, to the lost images. I would say that Metaphorically this door
opens to Maya - the Game - or even to the ritual of contemplation.

At the foot of this door, I see process as a kind of support and feel the need to have an area of fluidity for the operation of my
elective mind in order to reflect the nature of different relationships. Through time, I see my works becoming my skin,
through which I breathe. It is natural once in a while to shed my old skin and grow a newer one. I would rather have a
colorful shield than to be conventionally nude.

Untitled ( Colosseum Series) 2000 / Oil on Canvas

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